Another week, another update

Another week, another update

By Bible Bill

Before I could start searching for Charles’ daughter, I found an email from her waiting in my inbox. I’m not sure why I was included on her travel itinerary as she isn’t coming to Denver and I don’t think we have ever spoken before. I’ll chalk it to divine intervention. We scheduled a time to chat and had a wonderful time getting to know each other. She is a retired school teacher in southern California with one brother who lives in Oregon. Ewoldts tend to live long and age gracefully. For example, at seventy one, she is preparing for an Alaskan cruise, which will be followed by spending time in Oregon with her brother and his family. This is in addition to continuing her work as a teacher in a volunteer capacity.

Over the course of our conversation, a few noteworthy items came up. First, she has a finished draft of Leo’s story that she had been working on for a while.There were two different relatives of Leo’s whose knowledge of him started and ended with him crashing in the Pacific and decided to search him out. Two different generations had concluded the best way to get to know Leo was by searching out his history and putting it on paper. I am curious to see what she has found out about Leo. She had fairly extensive contact with Ray as she was researching her book, so I would love to read those emails and see what insight Ray had about Leo. Secondly, after Erma (Leo’s sister and the youngest of the family) died, they found Allan’s journal he kept while overseas during World War II. I was told I could have it when I come to visit.

In addition to a trip to California, I have plans to spend Labor Day with Uncle Ben and his wife. He is Bolling’s (Leo’s first wife) brother. I am sure there will be stories to share. While on the East Coast for Labor Day, I will make a stop in Baltimore to collect Leo’s military records. My dance card is filling up. Homer. Tamara. Ben. Iowa. California. Maryland. Maybe even Oregon.

PS That is Allan’s picture and I am incredibly blessed to come from a long  line of good looking men.

PPS There is a possibility Royce is still alive in Georgia. We wrote to him and will keep you posted when we hear more.