The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road

We’ve started anew, but there is a question that persists. A question that can bring this whole thing to an end if we aren’t careful. If we don’t answer it correctly. Leo’s story has become an open ended question. There is no real story to tell. We have the same starting and end points, still with nothing in between. As we have talk about ad nauseam, this no longer Leo’s story. It’s a new story. The story we’ve been telling since the beginning. The story of two guys and a hat full of dreams. It’s our story now. Leo is a set piece of sorts, helping move us along. The problem is that the story doesn’t have an ending. We can write it down, but it hangs there. With no neat conclusion. We have to solve this riddle to complete the story. We’ve discussed this endlessly, asking where this all goes. We have the beginning and the middle, but there is no real ending to it. The ending is the hardest part. Beginnings are easy. It doesn’t take much to get moving, but to end well takes skill. We’ve pondered over how to leave this story. Where do we finally end up. Inspiration struck and the hard work began. It’s about friends and dreams. That’s all it is, about two guys who found each other by accident and whose dreams just fit together neatly. That’s the ending but how to write it. That’s where the work begins.

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