This started with Leo’s story. The story of a man who crash landed in the South Pacific during World War 2, punched a shark, partied with cannibals and borrowed a Chinese fishing boat to rejoin the US Navy as quickly as possible. ‘Pour on the cool’ showed up in Leo’s account of his time island hopping after his unexpected landing in the Pacific. We wanted to tell his story, but in searching out Leo we found a bigger story to tell. Leo was not the only Ewoldt with a story to tell, so it became the story of getting to know my family. In the middle of this, we came up with a series of children’s book and the idea of building a therapy far. This is our story of pouring on the cool.


With the gift of gab and story teller’s voice, Ryan¬†brings an infectious and frenetic passion to the project.

Bible Bill:

Bible Bill is the more even keeled of the pair. He keeps time with his low, slow Southern cadence.