What do writers do?

What do writers do?

Ryan stole my thunder writing about revising and editing already, but maybe if we both write about it it seems like we’re really serious about it. We don’t have a book to edit. Just part of one. Much like eating an elephant, though, we’re doing this one bite at a time. We’ve reached an early goal, so we’re going to start reworking the material we have before we carry on. Revising ten thousand words seems significantly less daunting than revising sixty thousand. Little by little we’ll get there. Ten thousand, five thousand words a time. Whatever it takes.

As proof of our seriousness, I’m taking a sabbatical. Actually, I’m taking a vacation where I’m dedicating at least one full day to working on Pour on the Cool. Saying it’s a sabbatical sounds more impressive, though. I want to come back with our first revisions and edits completed, so we can set that to the side to work on as we have time, but be able to mostly focus our attention on moving forward. Also, I’m going to start conversations for our farm. Start exploring and understanding what that actually requires to move forward. I’m thirty one. It’s time to get serious about pursuing meaningful dreams in life.

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  1. April 8, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    I also find myself reaching a certain point in writing something, whether fiction or nonfiction, when I can’t move forward until I’ve gone back and revised what I’ve written to show me where I need to go. Here’s to your productive sabbatical!

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