An Expanding Vocabulary

My son attends preschool a couple days a week and is really growing as a boy  Sometimes I see him as a young man already at such a young age.  He is excited to share the things he learns and my wife and I are excited to hear about it.  This poem is inspired by his ever increasing vocabulary.  It baffles my mind that he knows so many words already.  Read on and see if you an guess the newest vocab word in his repertoire.  It makes me smile.


Frickety frickety fack fack, foockey froo

Foocku feekey focky frickles foony foo

Hey, son, what are you trying to say to me?

You know you are only three

No, no way no it, it just can’t be

Feeking freaking fickles foock

Foekin fecking feekles frack

Feek feek fo fo foekay frat

Fockity foockity feek feek fat

The lack of rules, man it seemed so cool

But now we’re the fools sending you to gangster preschool.

Fock fock fookey fook feeka feeeky funk

Freeky freaky foocky fock fock frunk

Montessori for everyone? Well maybe not for me

Based on your curriculum for vocabulary.

But maybe I’m wrong, there’s probably no way

Foocku, fockey freecka funky frunck fray

Oh Geez

Frickles frackles freckles Freeze!

Oh Gosh

Focku fockey fockay frosh!

Oh  man

Frunky fracka frockyu fran!

Oh boy

Foocka, Focka, Freeka Froy!

Son, please. at school today, I think you learned something new

Which is exactly what you are supposed to do.

However I think we should wait til your mom gets back

Fick, Fick Fickity, frick, frick frack

Foeking feeky focking foon

Fockity feekity foeko, foekay, foeno, foocky froon..

Well I hope your mom has better luck

Because it sounds to me like you are saying…….

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