We’re already there?

It’s all a matter of perspective and what we are trying to accomplish with the poems, the children’s stories and Leo. There are several ways to look at it. We could be trying to find our medium as artists. Trying until something seems to work. We could be trying to set a platform for the future. One success, even if minor, can help us build for the future. We could be working towards being published authors, where any success counts. The matter of what is ultimately important. If we are trying to claim the title of published authors, we have met that goal, if only because of a technicality. Putting our work on a blog counts us as self published per some publishing entities. If the title of published author is all that matters, then we are there. We can rest easy knowing we set out to do something and we have. Mission accomplished. Unfortunately, that is not what we are going for. It’s part of it, but hardly the whole. We do want to acknowledgement that our writing is worthwhile and that we can produce good art. That is the point of making art, to find an audience. For us, the audience is part of bigger picture. The audience is part of our trip. The audience, the acknowledgement that we can make good art is necessary to build something bigger. This was never supposed to be about being famous authors or even mildly well known authors, but it was a means to an end. So while we could say that we have arrived and we have accomplished a goal, we are just getting started.

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