Oh Shoot! It’s Wednesday!

Oh Shoot! It’s Wednesday!

Um, so, what’s today?

Yeah thought you’d say

That to me.  You sure?

Probably could use one more,

Maybe just one extra night.

To try and get something right

For my weekly post.

I feel like a poor party host.

But, anyway thanks for stopping by

Next week I will really try

For something bold yet, a little off

Something to create an involuntary cough.

Like lunching on alligator casserole

Prepared in a sourdough bread bowl.

Like watching hipsters put their heads in the sand

While crossing a wild, broken, barren land,

Or like wrestling luchadores

On ships sailing to distant shores,

Or maybe a yellow pontoon

With large swells that make us swoon

Until we get tossed like a balloon

And float up to see Jay Z on the moon.

Yeah, Oh yeah, that’s the one…stay tuned.

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