Keys, Whiskey, Donuts and A Wrench

Keys, Whiskey, Donuts and A Wrench

The night should have been ending but instead I was on my way downtown to find the lost keys to our car.  It had all the elements of an epic tale.  The uncertainty of the adventure as a friend and I drove to the site of the lost keys.  The conflict thickens as the Triple A driver says he can’t open the car because I could be trying to steal it.  The night is getting colder, the local businesses are closing, and ,worst of all, we have to work the next day….early. These were some of the trials and tribulations of the journey before the redemption. One must read on to find out.

I lost my keys to my car

Triple A says I’m a thief.

I found the keys to my car

My gosh what a relief.

I sip whiskey for my car

The bartender says it’s on she.

I down whiskey for my car

Now there are donuts for me.

I eat one donut for my car

And remember the battery is dead.

I eat two donuts for my car

Then ask for a wrench instead.

I use the wrench for my car

To connect the car battery.

I put down the wrench for my car

The car turns on for me.

I return the wrench for my car

And sit down to finish my beer.

I realize that I fixed my car

And almost shed a tear.

Next time I lose the keys to my car

My eyes won’t get so misty.

For when I find the keys to my car

I also get donuts and whiskey.

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