The Development of Thomas Peters as a Hero

Life seems to bring those trials in clusters.  In the most inopportune time, they fill the space of existence and you just wish they would stop.  This desire is what makes it so easy to get stuck  and then stay there even after it has passed. The human as a living being is not adapt at seeing themselves as enslaved in their own life.  It takes an external force to create an internal change, to remove the existing stagnation.  So it goes with Thomas Peters.  The revised edition incorporates this stagnant moment in life, where it is best observed by a friend but removed by him.  Enjoy.


“Oh, my heavens” says Thomas Peters

On the verge of despair, he teeters

“What is wrong?” his friend asks

“Do you have too many mundane tasks?”

 “Oh, my heavens it’s that and more,

School and life make my head feel sore.

Each day feels like I just can’t win.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin.”

 “The itch on my leg is definitely a skeeter

And I didn’t get an A because I’m not a cheater.

The runny eggs for breakfast was my mom’s egg beater

I’m cold because my brother turns off the heater.

 My sister’s room is always neater

And I’m really not that good of an eater.”

 “But worst of all,” Thomas does say

“Were those sloppy kisses from Grammy today.”

 Thomas pauses to think a bit

Before he goes on with the rest of it

“My dad snores so loud I don’t sleep til dawn

And the neighbor’s dog poops on our lawn.

All my secrets are told by Mike and Shawn

And when Mom drinks coffee, she’ll still yawn. “

 And on and on goes Thomas Peters

Whose list of complaints measures in meters

But after much time has come to pass

And Thomas’ complaints have run out of gas.

 His friend rises from her listening pose

To look him in the eyes after staring at her toes.

And smiling towards Thomas with her kindest gaze

Hoping to encourage some sunnier days.

 “Thomas my dear it’s time I said my part

And let you know you should change your heart.

It’s ok if you sister’s room is neater

and be happy that you are not a cheater.

Wear pants when you might be bit by a skeeter

And my goodness, just ask for another heater.”

 Exasperated from her passionate reply,

She took a deep breath and looked towards the sky

“Thomas my dear,” she said with a coo

“You are getting mixed up with the wrong point of view

In life there are highs and in life there are lows

And up and down the journey goes

So find what you love and follow it through

Because the unfolding of life is the unfolding of you.”

 “You know,” said Thomas “I think you are right.

I shouldn’t be so down, but happy and light.

If I am upset at the actions of Shawn and Mike

I’ll just tell them exactly what I don’t like.

 I’ll ask the neighbors to respect our lawn

And it’s not a big deal if my mom has to yawn.”

 Thomas pauses to breath out the tightness

Relieved at his new found feeling of lightness

 “You know, I can hardly control what goes on out there

No matter how much I want to pull out my hair

 Through all the silly things and all the apparent strife,

I see the importance of being grateful in life.

Because you can’t always choose the life you’re livin

You can only live the one you are given.

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  1. December 28, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    I like the imagery. I saw illustrations in my head as I was reading.

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