It’s on the tip of my tongue

It’s on the tip of my tongue

As we step back from Leonard for a time to focus our efforts on other writing projects, it’s necessary to have this space from Leonard. Despite our best efforts, the story we were chasing isn’t there and we are left with a pile of mismatched puzzle pieces. We can still make something out of it. But I can’t see what it is supposed to be. It could take on a different form from what we were expecting. Perhaps, it exists as a short story in its final form. Perhaps, it becomes a story inspired by real events. There is something to be said with Leonard. And it isn’t simply because of the time and resources invested in his story. It can still become something. Something new. There is still a story that wants to be told, but we have to wait. Stay patient and focused, allowing the story to gestate until it is ready to show itself to us. This seems to be the writing process for me. There is a pile of half baked scraps lying about. Some are roughly sketched out, still unsure of how to build something. Some are still barely ideas. This is the long road. There are no shortcuts to be found. This past year has taught me to keep the point of all this in mind. There is a point to all this. We have something that we feel needs to be shared and that this will give us a platform to build something meaningful in the world. This is where we are going. If I loose sight of those two truths, this would become unbearable as we often seem to be standing still despite all our work. As I sit, watching these ideas take shape, I can sit contentedly knowing it is all going somewhere. I’m just not sure where.

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  1. November 12, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    I’m so glad to see the recognition that Leonard’s story hasn’t yet found the form best-suited to telling it–but it will in time. You’re absolutely right!

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