Something that has to be shared

Something that has to be shared

There is something very personal about writing and I suppose this is true of all art forms. Giving hidden parts of yourself to the light. It makes sharing my writing difficult. You could say that it’s a fear of rejection, but I think that is too simple an answer. I think it really is a fear of being found inadequate. Of taking this hidden part of yourself and sharing it with the world and having the world brush it aside, barely acknowledging it. This is the hardest part of writing. Putting words on a page comes easy. There is always something to be said, even if it isn’t topical. But it is hard to find comfort with those words. The comfort of knowing that these are good words, valuable words. They aren’t superfluous words. They are important words. Words that should be shared and showed off. Over the past year as we’ve committed to our writing projects, there has been a growing comfort with our work. There’s a growing sense that this is something that needs to be shared with the world. That the words building Forgetful Jerry, and all our other projects, are good words that should be given to the world. This gives the confidence needed to share Forgetful Jerry and the persistence necessary to constantly move forward on this project, no matter how haltingly. Over the months as Forgetful Jerry has become a refined project, instead of a nebulous thought, there has been a growing comfort in sharing it with the world. From friends and family to strangers in bars, we are slowly sharing this story that we are convinced needs to be shared with the world, hoping that persistence may be more important than sheer talent.


  1. October 29, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    I really like how you’ve expressed what it feels like to want one’s writing to reach its audience.

    • Bible Bill
      October 29, 2017 / 4:17 pm

      Thank you. It’s a surprisingly difficult thing to articulate.

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