C’mon Ed

C’mon Ed


It’s been a while my friend.  Well actually it’s been 8 weeks since my email slipped into your inbox.  Hope you are doing well but have you, uh, have you been on vacation?   Can’t say I haven’t been thinking about you.  Did you take a look at my query?  I mean you’re not the only one Ed, it’s not all riding on you but you are my first. Yes sir. The first one in this journey of getting published.   First agent I found, first one I pitched it to, first one I thought would dig the story, see the creativity of making a children’s story resemble a Socratic dialogue, a one up to the art of conversation.  You know maybe my story doesn’t convey that Ed or maybe it’s not a good fit.  Either way Ed, I haven’t heard from you. The first cut is the deepest homey.

I don’t mean to jump to conclusions here Ed.  I am actually following up from my original pitch just to check in on you. The time frame on your website did say 8 weeks and well Ed, it’s that time.  Can you just let me know what you are thinking?  I know your busy.  Everyone wants to be a writer these days Ed, I know that’s true.  It promises so much freedom, the promise of creativity and expression.  Oh man Ed you just can’t beat it.  So let me ask, did you delete my email?  For one second, did you rub your chin and think this could work?  I mean c’mon Ed did you even read it?  You have to at least have read it Ed because you never know.  You put a spare quart of oil in your car because you’ll never know when you need it.  You keep the Tupperware with no lid because you never know when you’ll find it.   It’s ok if you’re not ready yet Ed.  I get that.  Just put it in a folder for later because you never know Ed, you just never know.

But you know Ed, I was hoping you would be there when I paint my masterpiece. It’s alright though.  We can leave it at that. Just uh, just let me know if something changes…


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  1. October 26, 2017 / 4:50 am

    You’ve chosen the perfect photo to accompany your post! There’s your glowing, radiating query, but ol’ Ed is too high up in his office to see it.

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