Let’s catch up with Forgetful Jerry

Let’s catch up with Forgetful Jerry

While we are at an impasse with Leonard and what to do, if anything with that story, we are throwing the full fury of our attention to Forgetful Jerry. Or as much as we are capable of doing. As much as we both want this to be able to focus our full attention to these projects, we both have a hard time providing a singular focus to the table. Ryan has a family that he thinks is important to give his attention to. Me, I’m just easily distracted and willing to take on more than I need to or should. Even with both of us working on Forgetful Jerry, we still come up short of a full-time commitment and that’s fine. Neither of us are upset by that fact. And, I think, that’s because we know that the juice is worth the squeeze. The big picture we are chasing is worth the long haul. We want all these things to be immediate but we can rest assured that the road ahead is worth the time and taking the slow road to get there. As we set out for the next phase of Forgetful Jerry, we have to remember this and I think this is what makes writing a query letter easy for me. I’ve seen writers talk about writing a query letter and the stress they feel about it. Some agonize over it so much that they can recite it from memory. It is stressful and difficult to explain why your dreams are worth the attention and investment of an agent or publisher. And it is scary. You get one chance to impress and then you’re off the list. And you have to move on to the next stop, hoping that this will be one. This will be the time you catch their eye and they see that special something in your story that you see. Just how to tell them what that is. Writing a query letter is a big moment, but I don’t find myself able to be overwhelmed by the moment. I’m not sure how Ryan feels about it. For me, I think it comes down to the fact that this is only meant to be a step for us. Forgetful Jerry and whatever stories we tell, are only the beginning for us. So while I want to present us well with a well worked query letter, I have faith that this is part of a bigger picture. This is not where the story ends.

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  1. October 16, 2017 / 5:22 am

    You’ve taken a healthy attitude toward the query letter. (I’m in the agonizing camp myself.) I hope it goes well!

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