A Query to Ed

A Query to Ed

I sent off my manuscript at 11:30 pm last night mountain standard time.  Ed were you sleeping when this snuck into your inbox?  Most people who claim to have a professional career are sleeping around this time.  Unless there is a deadline.  Then my manuscript arrives at 1:30 am eastern time at the height of panic.  A project not completed by 1:30 am is very stressful.  I remember those days from engineering school.  I went to bed last night after checking the score of the Rockies game but I don’t remember who won Ed.  It was an attempt to distract myself from my excitement.  Still fanning the flames, I shut off all the lights, locked the doors and went to bed.  I was sitting there thinking about your response to my email when my son came in the room to sleep with my wife and I.  It was late so I picked him up and put him in bed.  I slowly faded off to sleep thinking about the position of my email in your inbox.  Am I the first one this morning Ed?

I know you woke up early to take the train.  Everyone in New York takes the train even though the city is overwhelmed with cars.  You know I take the train too Ed.  After I wake up, eat and walk my dog, I start the journey to work.  I’m supposed to be at work by 9 on Mondays and Fridays and 7 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but I’m usually late.  My boss implied that I was lying about my hours the other day.  I’m pretty sure this is not true.  You see Ed, right now I am only a temporary engineer at my job so I have to get my time sheet signed every two weeks.  I’ve been trying to leave for over a year but my well-crafted plans seem to creep off the cliff after a while.  From grad school to moving back home, Ed I’ve had options but they ended up being detours rather than destinations.  Now I’m back to square one again.

Engineering is just a bunch of approximations anyway Ed.  Nature can be so subjective at times, choosing obedience to your assumptions based on set parameters.  It can make the design easy or make it difficult.  But don’t you think the way it was might have been just as good or even better before we started applying some math to it?  I think about that sometimes when I’m in my cubicle doing some engineering. You know Ed, living in the Big Apple, you can say that us civil engineers are responsible for the creation of that human zoo you call home.  Read your Desmond Morris and you will see.  I aid in the creation of a world spoiled of its wild riches so behavioral control and physical safety become paramount…too far Ed…ok but anyway you are probably off the train by now, sipping your coffee in the promise of a New York morning.

Did you remember to shave this morning Ed?  I usually remember when I arrive at work, too late to remedy my forgetfulness.  I’ll stop at the bathroom and, inadvertently, take a look in the mirror.  Sometimes my neck beard is wild, undulating like snakes at the bottom of a booby trap or, even worse, I’ll notice hair on my ears. Are you at the age where you have hair on your ears, Ed?  I find myself to be too young to deal with such a scenario but it has become my reality.  Its scary Ed.  My pediatrician growing up had an enormous amount of hair in his ears.  It was like grass growing through the cracks in a sidewalk.  My mother would always remind me, as she pondered the presence of so much hair in one ear, to take care of the ear and eyebrow hair.  A few seconds manicuring these landscapes makes a big difference in one’s life Ed.  And, besides, Mama always knows best.

Do you see it Ed?  It’s right there, stacked like a cadaver in the morgue of your inbox.  It’s my dream Ed.  I need you to take a look and then breath some life into it.  Dreams are what set us apart in this monolith of a culture.  Do you have any dreams Ed?  Maybe travel the world or maybe you want to represent a movie?  Some big action thriller starring Taylor Swift in her first major movie role? Or maybe your dream is to be you, unfolding happily into the finest version of yourself.  Whatever your dreams Ed we should talk.  There is plenty of room in our hat.

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