Forgetful Jerry and his Winter Stash

These things just keep coming. My journey with Leo has taken a short break as I forge ahead with these silly little rhymes.  Good thing Bill is still focused on the task ahead.  Here’s the first installment of Forgetful Jerry.  Modeled after a dear friend of ours, Jerry cannot remember where he put his most precious treasure: his winter stash.  This is a disaster.   Without his stash, Jerry is afraid he will not survive the winter.  Desperate then despondent, he knows he can only count on one soul to guide him through this tragedy; Jim the Badger.  Read on….

Forgetful Jerry and the Winter Stash

Page 1

Snoring quietly, Jerry was dreaming

Of a quiet world with the sun beaming

When all of the sudden, he awoke with a flash

And tore out of bed to look for his stash

Page 2

Through his dressers, in the closet, under the bed

Jerry searched his room from toe to head

“Winter’s coming soon…it’s already September

And my acorn stash?…I can’t remember”

Page 3

Jerry looked at the ground and then shuffled his feet

His belly was hungry, he could feel the defeat

Was he going to have to wait until May

For acorn tacos, ice cream and soufflé?

Page 4

But the rising sun peeked through the curtains

And Jerry became inspired, no longer hurtin’

He tied his shoes and threw on his sweater

Blast through the door in the chilly weather

Page 5

But suddenly he stopped, tripping over his toes

“I’m not sure which way this journey goes.”

Perplexed, then confused then confident on a whim

“I’ll go where I always go…my buddy Badger Jim.”

Page 6

“Grr Grumble Grr whose at my door?

It’s early and I am trying to sleep some more”

Badger Jim flung his sheets high in the air

And they fluttered behind him nicely on the chair

Page 7

He rubbed his eyes and stared out to see

“Grr Grumble Grr Forgetful Jerry…I wish he would forget about me”

Page 8

When he opened the door, Jerry rushed right in

Pacing and groaning and rubbing his chin

“Jim my friend I need your advice

Your such a great friend, so thoughtful and nice”

Page 9

“Grr Grumble Grr” said Jim “I’ve heard this before

Tell me your story before I start to snore.”

Page 10

“Jim” said Jerry “I’ve misplaced my stash

I’ve looked in my closet, the drawers, and trash

Have you seen it? Can you tell me? Oh I don’t know what to do

Winter’s coming soon..maybe I can live with you?”

Page 11

“Grr Grumble Grr” Jim said with a sigh

“How do I even know this guy?

Jerry my friend it’s going to be alright

You’ll laugh at the end of this silly plight

What do I think?  Well you know I say

I have no idea where you put your stash today.”

Page 12

“But a little bit of faith will keep you true

And blessed be Jerry we have plans to review

I would highly suggest you take this to heart

And go visit Steve the skunk whose memory is sharp”

Page 13

“Or Bill Moose who knows what’s going on out there

Or Big Jim Hambone the honey bear

I really sincerely believe in you

But I would get going now because there’s lots to do.”

Page 14

Jim slowly walked back toward his bed

Got under the covers and laid down his head

“Grr Grumble Grr” he began to snore

And Jerry slowly walked out careful not to slam the door

Page  15

“Now that was confusing,” Forgetful Jerry thought

“I don’t know if he helped me a little or a lot”

Confused and forgetful, Jerry was definitely unsure

“Hope Bill Moose knows a little bit more.”


Let me know if you would like to read more.  I did not include any pictures this week as our illustrator is still chipping away at them.  We will post them all in due time.


  1. September 13, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    You read my mind as I pondered, where are the silly pictures to go with the silly rhyme?

    • Bible Bill
      September 16, 2017 / 9:03 am

      Fingers crossed we’ll have some silly pictures to share soon! And I promise they will be silly.

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