Where do you come from?

Where do you come from?

Since starting this, an unexpected thing has happened. Well, to be fair, this has all been unexpected to some degree. For today, though, I want to talk about one unexpected and delightful side effect of this venture. This is all seemingly contagious. This has created a ripple throughout my life.

A friend spending time with her grandmother got out a tape recorder and went through family pictures. Detailing who was who. Making notes of family heirlooms. Collecting stories. All which she readily shared with me.

My brother has even joined in the search for Leonard. Finding a few precious minutes in between work and family to see what Google has to say to him. Finding a complete list of all Devastators (Leo’s plane) and their crews.

My mom sent me the obituary for Lula Hendricks, my great great great grandmother, whose father fought for the Union during the Civil War. Perhaps this will be our next project. Or maybe Ryan’s family has a suggestion.

Where do you come from? Who is your family?

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