What’s the story

What’s the story

By Bible Bill

There are no new relatives this week. We have hit a point where the easy work seems to be complete. Any new stories will take some work to discover. We have some leads to track down still, so the well is not dry yet. There are a few names that have been mentioned that need to be researches. This gives us time to set a plan. At the moment, it looks like September and October will be peppered with trips to collect stories and begin to put some meat on the bones of our skeleton and perhaps begin to see Leo as people knew him.

As we start the next round of research, we will start outlining the book, figuring out what we are actually writing. Set a course for ourselves. We wanted to write a biography of Leo. But it may not work out to be a straight biography. As much as there should be to tell about Leo, he seems to have worked hard to keep it to himself. So maybe it’s less about him than we planned. Maybe this is a road trip book. This is our attempt to find out who my grandfather was and the collection of stories we found along the way. Not just his stories, but family stories. With Leo as our guiding light, this may become a patchwork quilt of family stories. From the beginning, we have never been too set on how we get where we are going. We have a set destination, a book about Leo, but we are happy to let the road define itself for us. And now it is looking like our story will be a bigger, less contained story. It may seem jumbled as we go and it make take some work it fit the pieces together, but I think this is where we are going. To fill out the summer doldrums we currently find ourselves in, we will see if we can start to fill out the pages with what we have found so far, piecing together the stories we know of and how we got there.

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