Tasting what we call conviction

By Bible Bill

I have a feeling I’m going to be asking ‘how did we get here’ often over the course of this journey. It’s funny how quickly this has taken on a life of its own. This is no longer just about writing a book about my grandfather. So far we have decided to change the world and write a series of children’s books in addition to whatever comes out of Leo’s story. The trick is trying to understand how this all came together.

It happened sometime after that Wednesday. We had been discussing the idea of a blog to chronicle our story of writing a story. To help, Ryan sent me his account of how this started and nestled deep inside it was an admission that he had long wanted to be a writer, something he did not freely or frequently admit to. In light of what we agreed to, it seemed a natural place to share this long gestating dream. I think there is more to it than we had a shared goal. We had found someone to share dreams with, even the most ridiculous dreams we had been given, like going to the moon with Jay Z. More to the point, though, we had found someone who would happily pursue our dreams alongside us. When we admitted our biggest dreams, we knew that there would be more than a supportive pat on the shoulder. In each other, we would find wide eyed excitement and an eagerness to pursue whatever dream we felt like sharing that day. This presented us with a newfound freedom. A freedom to indulge in the world of our dreams. In that place, I found someone who was more than happy to pursue my dream of building a farm, if only, because he wants to live on one. In return, he found someone who would not only proofread drafts of children’s stories, but someone who will create them alongside him.


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