Hey! Look over here.

By Bible Bill

The problem with this whole enterprise is that it has slowly been creating its own path. The immediate result of contacting Homer was a flash drive with over 4GB of family history on it. A tremendous wealth of information in such a small place. The immediate problem was sorting through everything that he had meticulously researched, documented and organized. I suppose it would have been helpful to possess an even cursory knowledge of the family tree as I would at least know which Ewoldt I belong to and so know where to begin. Thankfully, I was not in this alone. Ryan and I had set a regular time to meet and brainstorm.

Our first meeting was only mildly productive, but very fruitful. We worked for about five hours, but when you subtract the distractions, ice cream and Facebook rabbit holes we probably only accomplished an hour’s worth of work. Somehow in that hour, we found two other notable family history items, Allan and Frick’s Tap. Allan, Leo’s brother, was shot down over Sicily during WW2 after flying thirty or so missions in as many days. The Fricks and Ewoldts married shortly after the Ewoldts arrived in the United States and they built Frick’s Tap in 1888. Nearly a hundred years later it earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. This was only the beginning of Homer’s research of the family. There was plenty more to dig through, but this was a start. Looking at what we knew we decided maybe this should be about collecting family stories, not only Leo’s. After all, asking who we were was what started this mad adventure, so let’s make it about that. From the start, we never had much of a set plan. We know where we want to wind up and are happy to let the road define itself. Here is the road deciding a course for us.


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