The Big Ask

By Bible Bill

A friend has spent some time thinking on the importance of asking. It’s a simple thing that, he says, has made a world of difference in his life, particularly his marriage. I never doubted him, but I never thought anything of it. It was something he learned that he felt like sharing, hoping it would have a similar impact on my life.
Early on, I was shy about sharing my aspirations to write a book. Not that I should be, but it was a big dream that seemed likely to go nowhere (like most of my relationships), so why say anything? Catching up with a close friend, I said something about writing a book in passing. His response caught me off guard as he said he had two friends in publishing. It took a while for it to sink in. There was a chance that this could be more than an empty wish. Suddenly, this big hairy audacious goal had legs. Armed with a newfound confidence, I started sharing my dream. There was a chance this could grow into something. While it was not exactly asking, it held true to the spirit of what my friend had shared. Ask, get an answer. Share, get feedback. There’s no telling what doors can be opened by simply opening your mouth and sharing life with people.


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