A Polite Rejection

I submitted a few poems to Rattle, a online poetry magazine, with great excitement.  Rattle.com is an excellent forum and I really enjoy reading the works they deem worthy. You should definitely check out their magazine and hopefully one day you will see my work up there.


Dear RYAN,

Thank you for sending us “I’m not a Racist, One Eyed Wild Winking John, The Girl in the Bar with One Critique,” but unfortunately we’ve decided not to publish anything from this submission. We work hard to consider every poem fairly and carefully—both Megan and I read everything we receive without delegating that task to any interns or other readers, but we’re whittling 120,000 a year down to the 150 that we publish, so the odds are always long. That doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful that you shared your work with us, or that we don’t find value in it.

We’re happy to read submissions any time, year-round—regular submissions are always free, and we pay all contributors. So hopefully we’ll always be at the top of your list for places to send new poems.

Best Wishes,

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